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   Times were hard in so many of the southern cities in the years after the "War of the Rebellion". Many familes in the south moved from city to city. Some moved back and forth from Georgia and South Carolina.

    There was a very large "Stowers" family in Hart County Georgia. And there were about as many "Stowers" in South Carolina. Especially Abbeville in Anderson County that was located directly across the state line from Elbert and Hart Counties in Georgia.

    My family moved to Columbia, South Carolina around 1896 or so, then moved back to Elberton. Around 1920 they moved to Riverside and Los Angeles, California.

    There was also a few "Stowers" families in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Lousiana, Texas and Oklahoma.

Marriage License of Allen Stowers and Drucilla Thornton

AllenSylla.JPG (122229 bytes)


Marriage License of Henry Stowers and Amanda Groves

HenryAmanda.JPG (74794 bytes)

Marriage License of John Hailey and Nancy Emma Stowers

EmmaS.jpg (245070 bytes)


Marriage License of Jeptha Blackwell and Alice Stowers


AliceS.jpg (229542 bytes)
















Marriage License of F G Stowers and Alice Crawford

FGStowers.jpg (305257 bytes)


Marriage License of Florence Stowers and Julia Carr

FlorenceJulia.JPG (87411 bytes)


Marriage Licence of Felix Spurlock and Lammie Stowers

spurlock.jpg (42992 bytes)

Marriage License of Paul Stowers and Tommie Patterson

pauls.jpg (30833 bytes)

Marriage License of George Stowers and Minnie Gaines

georgest.jpg (63888 bytes)

Marriage License of William Stowers and Bettie Gaines

williams.jpg (56015 bytes)


Death Certificate of Benjamin "Florence" Stowers

FlorenceS.jpg (238258 bytes)

Discharge of George Stowers, Sr

GeorgeArmy.JPG (87581 bytes)




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